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We constantly strive to create great products that are safe for your family, your health and the environment. And not to mention they work well too! We are so confident you will love our products. Whether you are a current customer interested in a new product or a new customer interested in what we have to offer, this is a great way to experience first hand what has made Revitalize CBD the #1 brand.

Also, we're always open to hear from our customers. If you'd like to provide us with new ideas for products, new uses for products or feedback regarding our existing products, please let us know.

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Revitalize CBD 's goal is to help you look as good as you feel. Our mission is to develop products and opportunities that give you the power to project the confidence that radiates from within. Whatever your age, background or lifestyle, Revitalize CBD 's provides you with products that will improve your life and your lifestyle. We invest our research and development into creating products that not only offer exceptional results, but are also multi-functional, addressing many different aspects that affect your life.

How they help

CBD or Cannabidiol to give it its full name is a naturally occurring extract derived from the Hemp plant. The Hemp plant is a close cousin of the much-maligned Marijuana plant and has very low amounts of THC, the `stuff that gives a “high”. CBD and other Cannabinoids have been used for years around the world for various different reasons.

CBD derived solely from the Hemp plant is legal in the UK so long as is below, an utterly negligible amount.

Yes & No, CBD is naturally non-psychoactive. You may however feel more relaxed and comfortable. Revitalize CBD Oil is 100% legal when sourced from Industrial Hemp. Our CBD Oil is Full Spectrum and has THC in very low levels, less than 0.01%, which occurs naturally in Cannabis Sativa plant, this isn’t anywhere near enough to produce a “high” but does have beneficial effects on your bodies Endocannabinoid System. Our oils are legal within the UK’s legislation so you can add them to your diet safe in the knowledge you are using a quality product.

100%, our CBD is extracted using the CO2 method which means it is free from toxins or contaminants, everything else is a natural ingredient making the products very safe.

The answer is no. A drug test will not be able to tell if any THC detected is from hemp-derived CBD or marijuana.

All of our CBD Oils come with independent lab tests to give you peace of mind that each product has exactly what it says on the bottle.

CBD oil itself does not appear to offer any risks of fatal overdose whatsoever, consideration may need to be taken if used in a capsule or edible with other ingredients though.

The dosages used in research studies vary and there is no consensus on how much you should take, a lot depends on the reason why you’ve decided to take CBD. It is generally understood to start low, maybe 2/3 drops morning and night of 5% (500mg) drops. Add an extra drop morning and night every 5 to 6 days until you get the desired effect.

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